Sustainable Lawncare

Maintaining a perfect green lawn is an unsustainable habit that is becoming a thing of the past. In this product design project, I worked with Adella Guo and Max Stein to tackle the future of lawn care in areas affected by drought conditions. 



Our findings were gathered through qualitative interviews with family members in Southern California. We also talked to drought landscape experts at Phipps Botanical Gardens.


User Persona


Storage Hub

Our storage hub acts as a housing unit for the entire system of products. It is intended to encourage and enable new homeowners to take care of a more sustainable lawn alternative.


Desert Garden Landscapes

Our hub will live in the desert garden portion of the home's landscape. This way it is easily accessible and lives cohesively in the environment.


Modular Recycled Water System

Our system utilizes recycled water stations that are popping up in Southern California. With our modular water tanks, using recycled water is a manageable alternative water solution.


Turfgrass Fertilizer

The turfgrass fertilizer is customizable to the amount of turfgrass the homeowner has in their yard. 


Physical Models

Models were made out of 3D prints, high density foam, and foam core.


Philips Style Guide

We deconstructed Philips visual brand language in order to align the stylization of our products.


Process Documentation