Forest Devices UX/UI Design Internship

Forest Devices is a medical device start-up in Pittsburgh, PA. As a UX/UI design intern, I helped conduct field research and generate a user interface for their device, AlphaStroke. It is a portable device that will be used by EMTs (emergency medical technicians) and paramedics to quickly and accurately detect stroke patients. 

Of the annual 800K stroke victims in the United States, 400K cases will result in patients going to a hospital that cannot treat strokes. This is due to a lack of reliable and effective tools to identify victims.  AlphaStroke will allow stroke patients to be directly routed to stroke centers, resulting in saved lives and saved money.


Collaborative Wireframing

These sketches were drawn while collaborating with engineers on the project. 


Paper Screen User Testing

Our team performed user testing with a Shadyside EMT and doctor. 


Field Research

Our findings in the field were made through meaningful conversations and activities with ambulance teams, doctors, and station managers. Learning from their current system of stroke detection was valuable in determining how AlphaStroke will offer an improved solution.